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We are now the uk main dealer for the goldwing products and have a fair range of kits in stock from the  40E ,70E  ,90E ,120E as well as most of the 20cc -30cc -50cc up to the 100cc range
we now stock all the Kuzu range of fittings /servo horns /fuel filler .switches ect
for the gold wing models
as well as the all new  range of DLE engines 20cc to 111cc

Goldwing Rc MX2 v2 50cc  88''/2235mm  


Goldwing Rc Extra 300LP Red Bull 50CC 88''/2235mm

Goldwing Rc Piper Cub J3 50cc Yellow  119" (3030mm)
Goldwing Rc EXTRA330SC 40E 54in ARF Blue/white  


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