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Lipo Battery Warmer Bag (12v DC)

Lipo Battery Warmer Bag (12v DC)

Programmable Lipo Battery Warmer Bag - Lipo's can lose up to 40% of their capacity when used in cold weather. This of course will drastically shorten flight/drive times and of course performance. This superb Turnigy lipo warmer is perfect for the RC enthusiast who is flying/driving in cold weather/climate and also for competition pilots/drivers looking to squeeze every ounce of capacity from their battery for optimum performance, even in warm ambient temperatures.

You can select the desired temperature via the simple to operate buttons/LED display on the front of the bag, the inbuilt microprocessor offers a 7 step heater range from 25ºC ~ 45ºC (77ºF ~ 113ºF) and the sealable bag, which is lined with a heat reflective material, keeps your lipo snug and ready to use.

Input Voltage: 10v ~ 13v DC
Idle Current: <30mAh
Working Current: 2A
Programmable Temp Value: 25/27.5/30/32.5/35/40/45ºC (2 button -/+ operation with LED display)
Operating Temp: -10ºC ~ 45ºC
Dimensions Overall: 295mm x 230mm
Dimensions Lipo Cavity: 195mm x 230mm
Weight: 135g
Connector: XT-60 + Croc Clip Lead (supplied)

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Lipo Battery Warmer Bag (12v DC)

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