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Black Horse P47 Thunderbolt ARTF A-BH036B

Black Horse P47 Thunderbolt ARTF A-BH036B

Product information

Black Horse P47 Thunderbolt ARTF  A-BH036B
The Black Horse P47 Thunderbolt ARTF original of the P-47 Thunderbolt was used in the Second World War as a hunting aircraft or as a hunting bomber. At this time, almost 16,000 aircraft were built and put into service.

The model of the P-47 Thunderbolt has been designed with great attention to detail and can be equipped with either combustion or electric motor. Whether at the local model flying field or at events, the realistic flight image inspires pilots and spectators alike.

Its all-wood construction ensures that weight is kept low.
Factory covered in durable Oracover.
Sprung air retracts included
Wingspan: 1620mm
Length: 1340mm
Weight: 4.4kg
Radio System: 6 Ch. (Req.)
Retracts: Air retracts with Oleos (Inc.)
IC Engine: 61 -75 2 Stroke or15cc Gas (Req.)
Electric Motor: Outrunner 1200-2200W 650KV (Req.)



Technical specifications

Weight: 3kg
Product Code: BH036B
Brand: Ripmax


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