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Brass Tubing Bender 3.2mm - 1/8"

Brass Tubing Bender 3.2mm - 1/8"

Product information

This is a Tubing Bender Tool for 3.2mm - 1/8"

Designed for use with 3.2mm - 1/8" brass fuel tubing or aluminum tubing.    
This tool is perfect for most configurations.                        
Does not collapse tubing wall.                                       
Perfect for use on air lines for retracts.                           
Bends brass annealed (soft ) tubing.                                  
Creates bends where you want them.                                   
Instructions on package.                                             
INCLUDES: One 3.2mm - 1/8" Tubing Bender                                              
SPECS:    Size:  3.2mm - 1/8"   

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.06kg
Brand: Rapid Rc
Condition: New


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