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Brass Tubing Bender 4.7mm 3/16"

Brass Tubing Bender 4.7mm 3/16"

Product information

This is a Tubing Bender Tool for 4.7mm 3/16" .                   
Designed for use with 4.7mm 3/16"   brass fuel tubing or aluminum tubing.    
This tool is perfect for most configurations.                        
Does not collapse tubing wall.                                       
Perfect for use on air lines for retracts.                           
Bends brass annealed (soft) tubing.                                  
Creates bends where you want them.                                   
Instructions on package.                                             
INCLUDES: One 4.7mm 3/16"  Tubing Bender                                              
SPECS:    Size:  4.7mm 3/16"    

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.06kg
Brand: Rapid Rc
Condition: New


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