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Covering Film Solid Amber (sold per meter ) 1106


Product information

Covering Film Solid Amber
( sold per meter )
rapid rc item number 1106

the rapid rc covering film is sold as a per meter length
cut to size for you off a 5 meter roll
so what size you order you will receive in one continuous length
from one to five meters long and 638mm wide
we hope this helps customers when you only need a meter of one colour
and and two meters of another colour ect .

This film seals & tightens well with Household iron (suggest a setting of Cotton 3 out of 5)
Or a covering iron setting 3-4 (open frame) 4-5 (solid surface)
Please be sure to test a sample first as your iron may heat differently. Stretches nicely and curves are easy.
If you use an iron sock, you will need the heat a little higher.


·Super Strong with a Tensile Strength 

·Lightweight at approx. .around 25 ounces per square foot

·Dry Adhesive is Activated When Heat Is Applied

·Shrinks to a Drum-Tight Finnish as It Cools

·Molds Crease-Free Around Compound Curves and Into Corners

·High Gloss Finish,

·The glue effect is very strong.

Iron on Solid Amber covering shrink film   638mm Wide


Technical specifications

Condition: New
Weight: 0.29kg


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