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Fuel Caddy 5 Litre

5 Litre Red fuel caddy

Product information

Red 5 Litre Fuel Caddy Manual Pump Version 

The Nemesis Fuel Caddy 
Red 5 Litre Fuel Caddy Manual Pump Version 
Made from a high quality plastic fuel container 
can be used with all types of fuel or with different fuels for smoke systems
the fuel tube is genuine tygon tubing though out so you know the tubing will last .
the full cluck is a dual fuel clunk and fine filter as well , so no need to worry about small particles being pumped
in to your models fuel tank and just to make sure the fuel pump nozzle also has a fine mesh filter ( Clean Able ) as a all in one unit The fuel pump nozzle is 3.2mm / 1/8 of a inch just right for your gas models 
The new duel fuel fast fill fuel pump is compact and fits in your hands easily,
yet will pump 18cc to 20cc  of fuel per second due to its advanced pump design 
and the all new TPR material used in the pumps construction has given the pump improved gear mesh and making large flow rates possible not like the notchey hands pumps of old 
he pump is held on to the fuel cans by velrco so nice and simple to remove and use no more having to balance the fuel put and connect up the fuel hose and pump the fuel just connect up the nozzle and fill the fuel tank .

Technical specifications

Brand: Nemesis Industries
Weight: 0.65kg


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