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Goldwing MX-2  50CC 88''/2235mm  Red
Goldwing MX-2  50CC 88''/2235mm  Red
Goldwing MX-2  50CC 88''/2235mm  Red
Goldwing MX-2  50CC 88''/2235mm  Red
Goldwing MX-2  50CC 88''/2235mm  Red

Goldwing MX-2 50CC 88''/2235mm Red

Goldwing MX-2 50CC 88''/2235mm Red

Product information

Goldwing MX2 50cc Red 

WING SPAN:88" (2235mm)
LENGTH:81" (2060mm)
WING AREA:1465sq in (94.5sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT:16-17.5lbs (7200-7700g)
ENGINE:50-60cc gas  DLE55 

1,Latest structure
2,Super quality
3,Easy installation
4,Complete with accessories
5,Low wing loading makes it easy to fly
6,Light weight construction with high structural strength
7,Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance
8,High performance hardware includes:
Heavy duty anodized aluminum horns
Adjustable push rods for easy fine tuning
One piece ali landing gear
Advanced rubber wheels
9,Two pieces removable wings and stabs
10,Carbon fiber wing tube
11,Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly
12,Anodized aluminum Long servo arms included
13,Servo extension safety connector clips also included
14,Carbon fiber rods to make the wings light weight and strong
15,Scale canopy
16,Fixed ring inside cowling for easy build
17,Pre-hinged control surfaces ready to fly
18,Pre-mounted and plumbed gasoline tank ready to fly
19,Pre-installed servo wire tube
20,Powered by gasoline

Goldwing ARF-Brand MX-2 50CC 88'' C Carbon RC Airplane New Version

Newly designed structure
Two pieces removable wings & stabs
PVC canopy

� Larger aileron and elevator design for excellent 3D aerobatic flying

� Removable rudder

� Includes Side Force Generator�s(SFG)

� CNC anodized aluminum Canopy Bolts

� Full length Tuned pipe tunnel designed into fuselage

Anodized aluminum Long servo arms included

� Adjustable pushrods for easy fine tuning(Includes wrench)

� Servo extension safety connector clips

� High performance cap head bolts

� Flat nylon hinges for increased strength

� Honeycomb board carton packing for safer transportation

� High quality 3mm ball links assembly

� New dual fiberglass horn assembly

New Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly

� High-quality durable rubber wheels

� Improved new Axles (the material of the Axle is stainless steel )

� Increased diameter carbon fiber wing tube than previous V1 version.

� Carbon fiber stab tube



Technical specifications

Weight: 10kg
Brand: Goldwing Rc
Condition: New


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