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G.T.Power LED Display Servo tester GTP0060

G.T.Power LED Display Servo tester GTP0060

Product information

 G.T.Power LED Display Servo tester GTP0060
This is a professional G.T.Power LED Display Servo tester 
GTP006 which is durable easy to operate,fully functional,small in volume and light in weight. The servo tester uses intelligent MCU 
control to make it works very stable, and it is a necessary tool for RC users.

1. Small in volume, easy to carry.
2. With four servo interface sets, can test up to four servos at the same time.
3. Using LED digital tube, can monitor the real-time pulse width.
4. Support manual and automatic servo test modes.

G.T.Power LED Display Servo tester
Input voltage: 4.8V- 6.0V.

Dimension: 73.5×43.5×22.5mm.
Weight: 108g.
Test up to four servos at once
Manual mode operation between 700us - 2300us
Neutral mode set at 1500us
Auto mode tests the movement of the servo between 800us - 2200us

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.101kg
Product Code: GTP0060
Brand: GT Power
Condition: New


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