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Horizon Hobbies Hangar 9
Hangar 9 is a division of Horizon Hobbies who Offers the latest range of RC model aircraft to enthusiast, and has a wide range of RTF RC Model planes, as well as ARF models. Descriptions of the most popular hangar 9 aircraft / models, with photos and specifications.
Hangar 9 specialise in glow or gas RC model planes, although many of the later kits include full instructions on how to convert to them to electric RC model planes.

The majority of the model aeroplanes are ARF , but there are a few RTF rc model planes. Note that the RTF (Ready To Fly) types include everything needed to fly, including a spectrum RC transmitter. The third type is the Bind-and-Fly / BNF model. These generally require just a suitable 2.4GHz transmitter to enable you to go and fly your model rc aircraft!

Construction is of conventional, with laser-cut balsa and ply and covering is normally UltraCote material. If you suffer a crash or small mishap and require some spare parts, then a wide range of spare parts are available.

The complete range of RC aeroplanes is covered right from the beginner RC model aeroplanes to scale rc model aircraft, models for RC aerobatics or 3D as well as slow Sunday afternoon flyer or a nice and gentle sport flyer.

Some of the latest rc aircraft, are true giant scale RC aeroplanes like the 12 viking or the  Fokker D.Vll 30 to 60cc ARF 87"
Hangar 9 and Horizon Hobby brand are famous world wide for their high quality rc model plane and kits. Tending to stick with traditional building methods, Hangar 9 are known for their large scale RC aeroplanes, and tend to offer top end, no compromise model rc aircraft / planes.



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Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc ARF A-HAN5065

Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc ARF A-HAN5065 - The Cub is a classic aircraft that’s adored by both full-scale and model aviation pilots. Its flying qualities and design versatility have come to be known well enough that practically every new aircraft is compared to it. That’s a lot to be said for an aeroplane that first flew in 1938.

Hangar 9 Fokker D VII 30-60cc A-HAN2890

Hangar 9 Fokker D VII 30-60cc A-HAN2890 - Hangar 9 brings this Great War legend to life as a remarkable giant-scale ARF with scale details to truly do the legendary Fokker D.VII justice. The model has been expertly built to exacting standards utilising lightweight balsa and plywood. The result is an ARF model that goes together easily with outstanding appearance and friendly flying manners.

Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc A-HAN2990

Hangar 9 P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc A-HAN2990 - The Hangar 9® P-47D Thunderbolt 20cc ARF takes the popular warbird a bold step further. No stranger to making a great flying P-47D model, lightweight, laser-cut construction combines with expert craftsmanship to bring a durable, all-wood airframe with incredible realism and great performance. The result is a model replica that's a blast to fly and looks as though it belongs in a museum.

Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 20cc ARF 69.5"A-HAN2820

Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 20cc ARF 69.5"A-HAN2820 - Modelled after Mustangs used by the 375th Fighter Squadron during WWII, it is constructed in 1/6-scale with lightweight balsa and plywood for legendary durability.

Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 10cc ARF A-HAN2345

Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 10cc ARF A-HAN2345 - The Hangar 9® Ultra Stick 10cc sport plane is simply a joy to fly. Like its big 30cc cousin, this compact version takes full advantage of any power system in its class and allows you to fly from one extreme to the other-fly crazy 3D flight one minute then hand the transmitter over to your buddy in the same flight who wants touch-n-go practise. Nothing compares with an Ultra Stick.

Hangar 9 Van's RV-4 30cc A-HAN4885

Hanger 9 Van's RV-4 30cc A-HAN4885 - has been designed to make every step of your giant-scale experience as hassle-free as possible. It all starts with the assembly. The two-piece plug-in wing and horizontal stabilizer slide together on aluminum tubes and bolt into place. The large fuselage access hatch makes electronics installation easy, too. There's even a pre-assembled, self-aligning drill guide to speed the installation of whatever powerplant you decide to use, gas or electric. Once in the air, you'll find the model's wide flight envelope and forgiving flight characteristics just as easy to enjoy. It will do it all, from touch and gos to advanced aerobatics, with the same smooth, predictable response the full-scale version is famous for.

Ultra Stick 30cc ARF A-HAN2365

Ultra Stick 30cc ARF A-HAN2365 - The first Hangar 9® Ultra Stick™ ARF revolutionised the Stick genre with innovative design twists that really spiced up performance such as a large, double bevelled control surface for 3D flight, extra-large control surfaces and optional quad flaps. Building on the legacy of this popular design, the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF provides intermediate to expert pilots a giant-scale sport plane with a wide flight envelope.

Wheel Chock (105x90x20mm) (1Pair/Bag)

Wheel Chock (105x90x20mm) (1Pair/Bag)