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Hobbyking Center of Gravity Machine for Aeroplanes

Center of Gravity Machine for Airplanes

Product information

Centre of Gravity Machine for Aeroplanes

Setting up the correct CG (centre of gravity) for your model is crucial when it comes to flight performance. Attempting to fly a model which is not balanced correctly can result in a total loss. With the all new Center of Gravity Machine, all guesswork is taken out of the equation.

Easy to assemble and made from high quality materials, this machine will last you a lifetime. It features sliding rulers which will give you a very accurate CG measurement from the leading edge of the wing.

• Easy to assemble
• Constructed from high quality materials
• Can measure CG of up to 250mm from leading edge of wing
• 380mm clearance between measurement points and surface
• Maximum 260mm width between measurement points (adjustable)


Technical specifications

Condition: New
Weight: 0.96kg


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