Master Airscrew MA60422 Prop Balancer

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 The Master Airscrew balance is an innovative way to balance your aircraft or boat propellers, spinner backplates, car wheels and tires, as well as many other items in the hobby industry.

Master airscrew propeller balance stand with precision ball bearings will balance propellers,helicopter blades,spinner cones and wheels for  radio controlled cars or planes. easy to assembly-balance stand posts lock on to the base. posts can be quickly adjusted for "over the edge"(chordwise) balance -great for large props.

specifications are

the stand is made from a ridged plastic it is fitted with low friction bearings and can balance any size propeller even the heaviest of props

the length is 120 mm

width is 85 mm

the height is 150 mm

i have had one of these for a year or two and i found it work very well on plastic props over 8 inch and wooden props over 7 1/2 inch

Note: If you need to ream the center hole, do it before you balance your prop. If you ream even slightly off center, balance will be changed considerably and you will have to balance all over again. When you place the prop on the balance stand, make sure the cones are placed fairly snug next to the prop hub. Hold an end of the prop so it hangs vertically, and let go. The heavy blade will fall and the prop may even rotate once until it finds horizontal balance. As a test, turn the cones 180 degrees and see if the balance changes. If it does, the cones are out of balance. To Balance: Take a one piece of masking tape and place it on the tip of the light blade. Test for balance and add or subtract tape as needed. The amount of masking tape on the blade will tell you how much material you will need to add or remove for final balance. In most cases, the weight of the tape is so slight it wont show up on a gram scale  say 1 or less of tape. If this is the case, the prop is within spec and can be flown without adding or removing material. To Add Material: For g/f nylon props, place modeling clay or silver solder in the holes in the back of the prop hub, on the side of the light blade, until it balances. For wood props, try adding paint or nail polish to the back of the light blade. Industrial enamel or nail polish can also be used on g/f nylon props. To Remove Material: For g/f nylon and wood props, use sand paper to remove material from the heavy blade and bring into balance. For g/f nylon props, use a pocket knife to trim the edges of the heavy blade.


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