As we are a small company we use our local royal mail post office to post orders to customer 9 /10 times we send orders the same day if we receive the order by 2.30 pm .once a order has been posted off to the customer we send a email to confirm the order is on the way and a tracking number is included in the email for the customer .so if you wish to find / track your order go to the royal mails track and trace web site and type in the number we have provided in the email or if you have need any help with this or your order then just emails us at only send orders with in the uk due to the shipping costs we post orders with the royal mail recorded delivery or special delivery.

these are the royal mails postage cost for uk shipping .

These are the recorded delivery prices.

0 g to 40 grams £1.80

50 g to 140 grams £2.90 Subject to size of package .if over 25mm the shipping cost will move to the next price 

140 g to 749 grams £4.70  this is the normal cost of postage in the uk

750 g to 999 grams £5.75

1000 kg to 1249 grams £6.99

1250 g to 1499 grams £7.99

1500 g to 1749 grams £7.99

1750 g to 1990 grams £7.99

These are the next day special delivery costs

0 to 99 grams £5.50

100 g to 499 grams £6.99

500 g to 999 grams £7.49

1000 g to 2000 grams £9.99

please be aware next day deliveries are Mon-Fri and do not include week ends

Normal 1 to 2 day delivery by courier 0 to 30 kg £7.99

Parcel for next day £7.99( please note orders are sent out the next day if ordered after 3.30 pm )

prices are subject to change on the web site for time to time as these shipping services put there prices up