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Techone Eagle One Glider PNP 1-TECHONE-EAGLE1

century uk Techone Eagle One Glider PNP 1-TECHONE-EAGLE1

Product information

Century Uk Tech one Eagle One Glider PNP 
( NO TX , RX , BATT Or Charger )


The Eagle 1 has been designed as a smooth, thermal soaring glider that will fit into the car with ease. We wanted something that could get up to height nice and quickly, so a high power brushless motor and folding prop are fitted. Once airborne the Eagle 1 will sniff out the lightest of lift and by applying a small amount of flap you can rise to lofty heights with no power required. It’s not all about going up though, as applying full flaps will virtually handbrake the Eagle 1 in mid-air, meaning descending is both safe and easy.

With a massive two metre wingspan, we had to split the wing into two pieces, so a strong spar and reinforced mounting system are used to hold everything together in flight and still allow this huge model to fit into the average car easily.

With 5 channels and plenty of power, the Eagle 1 makes a great aerobat and rolls and loops are easy to perform. All the servos (6), brushless motor and ESC are pre-installed, so you can purchase your Eagle 1 in the morning and be flying in the afternoon, just remember to take your deck chair to the field, you could be up there for some time!

10 x 6 Folding Prop
Powerful Brushless Motor
Streamlined Design
Quick Assembly
Durable EPOFLEXY Construction

Wingspan 2060mm (81.1")
Length 1300mm (51.2")
Flying Weight 1088g (38.4oz)
Servos 9g x 6
Motor Brushless 1400kV
Recommended Battery 11.1v 2200mAh Li-Po                                                  


Technical specifications

Weight: 2.2kg
Product Code: 1-TECHONE-EAGLE1
Brand: One-Tech
Condition: New


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