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Threaded Inserts M4 x 10 mm


Product information

The flange inserts are driven into wood with a hexagon Allen key or hexagon driver.
They then provide a hard female thread which can be used many times without fear of stripping.
One of the great advantage is that these inserts can be driven in from the 'screw side' of a fixture, i.e. from the front of a model aircraft firewall or undercarriage plate, which makes them great where hand access inside is very tight.

Threaded inserts made from high quality zinc alloy and designed to provide a permanent thread in wood, Ply and composite materials ect,
Screw in threaded insert with sealing flange to limit insertion depth and tidy the pilot hole.
The unique self tapping external thread design provides excellent resistance to torsion and vibration pull out.Finished with an industry standard corrosion resistant coating, either yellow zinc plate

Threaded Inserts
For M4 bolts
 the insect is 10mm long
Drill hole need is 7.0mm to 7.5 mm

4 per bag

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.018kg
Condition: New


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