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Transparent Fuel Tanks 360cc / 13oz RTF clear Gas Tanks


Product information

 Transparent Fuel Tank
13oz 360cc Suitable for petrol

Ready to fly for easy installation.
No more leaks or plastic fittings to break!
These  tanks provide alloy fittings and fuel cap for durable no frills use.
Fuel cap is alloy and the barbed fuel fitting is machined into the cap reducing any chance of fitting leaks. The cap itself has a rubber O-ring to ensure the seal.
Includes alloy 90 degree fittings (no plastic piece to break!)
3 line setup (fill, vent, carburettor) and uses our bullet proof TPU fuel line.
Brass clunk
Velcro included
 174 mm long for the bottom of the tank to
the top of the cap and 52mm x 52mm wide and high

Suitable for Gas (Petrol) or Methanol

Weight: 87g





Technical specifications

Weight: 0.101kg


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