Turnigy 870E Digital Multimeter w/Backlit Display

Turnigy 870E Digital Multimeter w/Backlit Display

Product information


The Turnigy 870E is an invaluable tool to keep in your flight box. From checking battery voltage, to measuring current, checking continuity of your wiring connections and more, this digital multimeter is just the tool for the job! Its large backlit LCD display and built-in stand make it easy to read in any lighting condition.

• Diode and continuity testing
• DC Voltage measurement
• AC Voltage measurement
• DC Current measurement
• Resistance measurement

Display: 10.5mm data height LCD
Sampling rate: approx. 3 times/sec
Accuracy: +/- (a% x reading+d)
Power source: 9V battery (included)

Turnigy 870E Digital Multimeter
Removable test leads

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.279kg
Condition: New


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