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Z-bend Pliers. Heavy Duty 90deg up to 1/16

Z-bend Pliers. Heavy Duty 90deg up to 1/16

Product information

Tired of wrestling with two pairs of pliers or using a vise to help you try and obtain that perfect Z-bend for your control rods, only to end up with a half formed S shaped bend with too much middle in it for a Z bend allowing your control surfaces to slop around? Sound like some of the Zs you have made?
These pliers will give you a perfect bend, every time. It will handle toughened wire up to 1/16 (1.6mm) diameter.
These are heavy duty pliers, not small hobby workshop tools.

Get your Z-bends easy and perfect every time with the Z-Bend Pliers!

Technical specifications

Weight: 0.46kg
Condition: New


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